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We are selling the Crow Cottage and moving to Missouri! Jeff and I are sad to leave our home and garden of 30 years, but we also are excited to start a new chapter in our lives. We've lived in this house longer than anywhere else, so it's sad to say goodbye to friends and our church family. Also, to sell the house and garden, we've cleaned, pruned, and repaired it to a state of near-perfection( for us)! I'll bet you've experienced that too, where it's harder to move once you've made your old home the best that it's ever been.

The card below shows some of that 'reflective mood' that we are in right now. I used Field of Flowers (retired), A Good Man, and the lighthouse is from Sailing Home. This card is an example of the truism, "Home is Where Your Heart Is".

If you are looking for a home too, consider joining me on a new crafting journey in your life. It's been a tremendous blessing to me, our family, and our churches. I'd love to include you too! Join here at Stampin' Up! and I'll see you at the next virtual Team Meeting!

Until then, I pray that you have pleasant thoughts as you think about how blessed you are to have a home that is one of the nicest places to live in the whole world!

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