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Brrr. It's Autumn!

We have been having such a beautiful and warm Autumn, that it now feels terribly cold out there with a more normal high of 42. I think it's the longer (and did I mention colder?) nights. Last night it hit 21 and tonight the expectation is about the same. Brrrrrrr. It's time for sweaters and jackets. I even broke out the long johns on one of the days last week.

With the colder weather and snow in the mountains, I realized my days of driving up to the mountains for a hike is probably in the past now for this calendar year. Boo hoo. So, I made a card instead. Isn't that what we card makers do?

In this one, I decided to add the leaf from our retired Colorful Seasons set to keep it more in the Autumn category instead of the Winter category. It feels good just looking into these woods.

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