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Camping Fun

It's very windy and rainy today, and looking more and more like Fall. So I thought I'd pull out the Campology set one last time before summer feels completely gone. We never go tent camping anymore, but the memories were sweet as I made this card.

This week for my Facebook Live I did pendulum cards. If you've never tried them, you should! They are relatively easy to make, and all kinds of stamps work well with a little 'swing' added to them. The lantern in Campology was just begging to be set swinging! Watch the little video here if you want to see it in action.

I made several pendulum cards since I was having so much fun with them. Sign up for the newsletter, and you will get the tutorial for all of these pendulum cards in the December 14 newsletter, and a sneak peak at the Curvy Celebrations Set which will be for sale in December, too.

But for now....Happy Autumn!

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