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Crows Like Sunflowers

I think Crow birds don't eat sunflower seeds much, but since I'm not a country girl, I really wouldn't know anything about that.

But I DO know that our family loves sunflowers!

It's one of the things we always stop to get on the way out of town so Jeff can stay awake driving.

And we always have a few sunflowers growing somewhere in our yard. I usually just let a few grow, and pull up the rest. They are so big and Beautiful! But they also provide great bird and bee watching entertainment.

Because we feed the birds sunflower seeds all winter, the excess ones sprout up everywhere! But gray winters are brightened up for us watching the little sparrows and wrens jostling for seeds. Definitely worth the extra weeding!

When I made today's card using our new Celebrate Sunflowers stamp and die set, I couldn't resist getting out an old retired Crow from my Halloween embellishment surplus. It just seemed appropriate for me to add a little black Crow to the card.

I wanted to keep the golden hue that most real Sunflowers sport, yet added the Pretty Peacock counterpoint. I hope it's enough to keep it from looking too 'Autumn-like'. I will be using this set a lot once summer is over. Won't it be cute with our Harvest Hellos?

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