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Delivering Cheer

Right now my husband and I have a mailbox at our apartment, and one at our house. You might think I should be able to get the mail at one of these two places. But I'd rather let Jeff get it, because it's like watching a little kid open up a present! It's way more fun for me to watch him getting the mail, than to get it myself.

Each day, there's the hope that we'll get something we really need (like that licensing form so we can legally drive here), or just something goofy or fun. Once in awhile I get a card from a friend, and when I do, I love to remind Jeff that if he sent any out, he would get some back.

He still doesn't do that, but it doesn't matter. He even manages to make junk mail fun to get. He's just a very fun person, no matter what is in the mail.

Here's a card I think anyone would enjoy getting in the mail. Buy Delivering Cheer to make this one too.

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