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Easter Bunny Time!

When I was little, the best holiday to me (other than Christmas of course) was Easter. I think it was the year I got a chocolate Easter Bunny that convinced me of the awesome nature of the holiday. I wish I could say it was the spiritual aspect that got to me, but no...just gluttony! I've improved my outlook, but Chocolate Bunnies still grab my attention.

Here are some sweet treats that won't put the pounds on! I've really been enjoying planning this Easter Class. The Fable Friends and Best Bunny Stamp sets are hard to put down.

Gorgeous Grape Gingham pair nicely here, and I love how the bunny can hold on to his carrot!

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Below, the little squirrel from Fable Friends is such a cheery guy on a dreary Spring Day. I think he will brighten up anyone in my classes who are feeling a little depressed from all the snow and ice we've been having.

Yesterday I happened to look out our back window at just the right moment to see 2 real squirrels playing in our yard. One was in the crab apple tree, and the other was busy getting seed from our bird feeders.

Eventually the one at the feeders got bored and ran up the crab apple tree right behind the other squirrel. He must made the squirrel sound for "BOO!" because that squirrel leaped out of the tree like a parasail expert! He landed 15 feet below on the ground and scampered up the tree again, unhurt. Crazy squirrels! I'm still chuckling every time I think of it.

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