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Fall Into Spring

Aren't all the spring flowers out there beautiful? I've been enjoying a variety of them here at the Crow Cottage. This week, a bunch of my favorites showed up. Check out our garden on Facebook at TriCity Crow Garden to see new things coming up each week if you like.

We don't have daisies in our garden yet, so I decided to pair some flowers you never see blooming together in a real garden. Their flowering seasons just don't overlap, so it's fun for me to be able to combine some flowers on a card that I could never put together in a vase. Enjoy the daisies, poppies, and autumn flower pods!

I'm raffling off a large card album filled with more than 50 of my best creations. All you have to do to win it, is spend $50 at

at my link, and you will be entered to win! The drawing is April 30. Good Luck!

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