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Farmer's Market Pumpkins

We've been visiting family, and driving a lot, so we've also stopped at a lot of fruit stands and farmer's markets lately. I haven't seen pumpkins yet, but it won't be long. Can you believe how many zuchini, tomatoes, and green beans are out there? They grow like crazy!

Last year, we didn't go get any pumpkins from a local farm, because we'd only just barely gotten moved into our house and it was a big mess around here. But this year is going to be different. I've already picked out the farm with the most 'sincere pumpkin patch' (thank you Linus), and we're all ready to select, carve, and light up the jack 0'lanterns.

Stampin' Up! always has a great new pumpkin stamp set each year. I didn't think they could top last years "Pretty Pumpkin", but they did. This new one has some special features I'm so excited about. Watch my video for Hello Harvest if you want to see the vintage effects you can do, and thanks for checking in!

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