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The adorable little robin family has successfully raised 3 chicks! Woohoo! When Jeff and I noticed that they had managed to get out of the nest without killing themselves, and were practicing flying around our yard, as well as hopping from one shady spot to another, we felt almost as proud of them as the mother. We saw her flying up next to them several times, feeding them, and we could almost hear her say " Good job getting up here. Keep working on it!"

So far so good. Jeff had to go out 2 times...once to chase away the neighbors cat, and once to chase away the starlings that are always out there lurking around.

If you want to see our babies grow up, I've posted the videos on my garden facebook page titled (for our former hometown) TriCity Crow Garden.

Just as those babies 'popped up' out of no where one day, this cute die set offers a quick and easy (yet AMAZING) background that pops out at you. I tried it here behind the adorable Cheerful Basket. Now here is a cat that wouldn't harm our baby robins! Too sweet!

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