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From All of Us

Christmas Greetings continue to spill out of the Crow Cottage, even though most of us are still planning our Thanksgiving feasts to come! Who says you can't do 2 holidays at the same time?!!

As crafters, we juggle our projects from two different holidays (or more) all the time! So it is not that unusual to be singing Christmas carols while raking up the fall leaves, and wondering what kind of special dessert we are going to indulge in for Thanksgiving this year.

As you can see in the photo, I still haven't moved beyond Light Me Home. This is a stamp set I will keep using I know, but I promise it's the LAST one for this blog! It just pairs so well with so many other stamp sets!

So until next week, here is another version with a retired set "Christmas Crowd". Enjoy!

For this card, I used some gel pens to help with the tiny lines on the house.

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