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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It's good to be back to a normal schedule again. This week was a busy one, but it felt good to be able to get a lot of things finished up for the holidays. Last week was filled with Thanksgiving and my husband Jeff and I celebrated our 37th year anniversary as well, with a nice dinner out at our favorite restaurant "Cedars". In the last 33 years we've lived here, we have probably celebrated our anniversary there at least 20 times. I usually make reservations so we can have a table by the window which overlooks the Columbia River.

Next week is the Still Scenes class at the Crow Cottage, and there is time to attend, although it is too late now to register online. I'm looking forward to finishing up my last class for the year 2019, taking a break, and then being ready for 2020 to begin!

There are many new cards in the Christmas section for you! Check them out, and join me Monday at 1 PM PST on my Facebook page, Kathy Crow's Cards. Have a wonderful weekend!

Got Jeff to Hold Still For a Picture on our Anniversary!

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