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Happy Anniversary

Jeff and I are having our 40th wedding anniversary this year, and I was going to have us go on a special vacation for it.

Well, we already went on two vacations already, to visit family instead.

So, we will do what we actually enjoy most anyway. Go to dinner at Galloway Grill, and enjoy staying home.

Galloway Grill is the first restaurant we found here in Springfield that had the same kind of atmosphere that our favorite restaurants back in WA had. Made it feel like home to us here, right away.

The other thing that made it feel like home, (although not like the TriCities where we lived) was the botanical garden. Being able to go there every day, and to see sights like this, to pray, to praise, to walk, reflect, and to notice all the little details of nature is a huge blessing to us. I hope you feel those blessings too.

Wishing you a great week, time in nature, and wonderful time with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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