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Happy New Year!

I like to drink fancy drinks as well as anyone, but we prefer non-alcoholic for several reasons. My primary reason is that after working hard for a whole year to lose 100 lbs, I definitely don't want the extra calories from alcohol. Just give me the cookies and cake!

Also, I guess I'm a cheapskate. Have you seen the price of a good bottle of Brandy? No thank you, I'd rather have stamps!

This year I bought 2 bottles of Champagne for us for Christmas, and even though we shared it with our son, we still haven't even opened the second bottle. We just don't care for it that much, and who wants to feel tipsy? Maybe we'll finish the Champagne on my birthday, or maybe not. I might use some of it in a yummy Garlicky White Sauce recipe I have. That's my favorite way to use up a good a pasta dish!

With that in mind, why would I want the Sip, Sip, Hooray stamp set? I wanted it because it allows me to go crazy with colors! The best thing about drinking alcohol in my mind are the pretty glassware and garnishes used in those lovely drinks. Plus, I'm always looking for good stamps for cards that don't feature flowers, animals or landscapes. These cards can be easily adapted to birthday, thank you, or any kind of fun encouragement card for any gender and any age. It also pairs really well with Bubble Up, which is a retired set I already have.

See what you think about these cards, and let me know. I love to hear from you. Now, let's finish the old year well! I hope you have a festive New Year's Eve, and a blessed New Year! Enjoy your celebrations with those you love, toasting to another wonderful year!

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