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Invincible Joy

My husband and I were listening to Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) give a facebook song request solo performance today, and he mentioned their Switchfoot song "Invincible Joy". I love that song for many reasons, but the main one is that it helps me see the face of Jesus. He is my Invincible Joy.

During this strange time in our world, many people have shared their joy in the arts by performing in online groups, showing that isolation doesn't have to be so isolated after all. I'm so grateful for all the people out there who are working hard to provide and care for others while staying positive in spite of the difficulties.

Jeff and I have been blessed to have a lot of online engagement with our friends, our families, and our church families, as well as our work communities. I feel blessed that my work community ARE my friends! We may be stuck inside, but we are not alone. And neither are you.

With the pandemic hitting our location right at the start of our spring season, I normally am spending a lot of time in the local nurseries, looking at plants. Since I haven't been able to do that, I'm so happy I just "happened" to plant extra bulbs this last fall. I've really been enjoying the extra flowers since I have more time to spend in my garden this year.

Thank you, God, for prompting me last year to work a little harder, so that I could have this extra gift this year! I definitely needed it.

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