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It's a Deer!

When we are driving, one part of me never wants to see a deer, because we were in a terrible car accident once, due to a big buck jumping in front of our tiny Datsun. Even though I was about 6 months pregnant, God was so merciful in protecting all of us from that becoming a tragedy. It wasn't great having a car totaled, but at least we were all okay!

But they are so elegant and graceful, and we do love to see them. It's a thrill each time, and then a quick prayer - "Please, God, don't let any deer jump in front of us!"

The card I made below is just made from one stamp (Graceful Deer) a little coloring and a little glitter in the snow. You should try this one! It's so easy, and by embossing it with gold, you have a super elegant Christmas card all ready to go!

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