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It's a New Day

Spring always brings so many changes. Our USDA zone 6 goes from freezing temperatures to 80 degree days in a little over 1 month. Included in all of that is always a lot of wind, a tiny bit of rain, and many beautiful sunny days where I find myself torn between wanting to make another card, and needing to weed, prune, and feed all the flowers coming out in our garden.

Last fall I gave myself a spring gift by planting 50 tulips to give the Crow garden color in between our crocus and geraniums. They are just finishing up this week, and I have enjoyed them so much. Their little egg shaped color spots have really brightened up some dreary, rainy days for me. They represent the hope of the abundance of color coming to our garden.

Just as the rainy days can't diminish the color of the tulips, all the gloom and doom in our world right now cannot compete with the joy of the Lord. Spring brings many reminders of that to us, from seeds sprouting, warm sun and rain, and finally Easter season.

That's why this card, as lovely as it is, doesn't really express my sentiment very well, so it is going in the trash can. Just as new growth isn't limited to the spring season in my garden, hope really isn't the power that makes all things possible. Hope is just a way of thinking that helps us see where the real power comes from.

The Crow's Nest Crafters rejoice and overflow with the love of Jesus Christ, and we are even stronger through the power of God during this difficult time. Our hope is in Him, not in our hope. We are confidant that He will see our county, our state, our nation, and the world through this time, and that better days are ahead.

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