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It's Glittery!

I have friends who hate glitter. They tell me how much they hate opening a card and getting glitter all over themselves. In my heart, I'm thinking, "I'm sorry, but too bad!"

Most people LIKE glitter! I know I do. A little glitter turns everything magical. I have proof that the promise of some 'fairy dust' (glitter in a tiny wand) can turn a naughty kindergartner into a perfect student. When I was a teacher's aid, my wand was an incentive reward for only the best students and suddenly....POOF! They were ALL perfect students, like MAGIC!

I still like to use glitter. It makes my ordinary little card shiny and pretty without a lot of effort, and if I walk away with glitter all over myself, oh well! It can only help my appearance too!

Take a look at what a little glitter does for the image in the globe from Still Scenes. Ordinary little cottage in the woods becomes extraordinary! Just like magic.

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