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Jar of Flowers...Again

Who gets tired of getting flowers over and over again? I don't! That's why I have a garden full of them, so I never have to go too many days (even in winter) without some kind of flower to enjoy.

I guess that's why I am so enamored with our new Jar of Flowers bundle, and the tiny mason jars that allow me to make shaker cards, or cards with candy inserted in the jars! Just think what we can do with them for Christmas and Halloween! We haven't even begun to use these stamps and jars

to their full potential yet.

Because I'm enjoying this stamp set so much, I thought I'd like to give you a special invitation to enjoy making these fun projects with me online when I make the class at the end of the month. Order right away, and I'll get it in the mail to you. Just make sure you purchase the 'plus shipping' option.

Let's start Crafting Together!

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