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Making Something Good From Bad

I know everyone has turned a flub into something better than they might have had in mind, but this card is a perfect example of that.

I wanted to just do a simple card using the Waterfront Stamp Set. It turned out perfectly on the first try!

But just as I was congratulating myself on that (rare) achievement, I noticed ONE tiny black speck right over the mountains that must have somehow spattered from my Memento Black ink pad. Boo Hoo!

I was so disgusted I nearly threw it all away to try again later. I had a LOT of other projects to work on, so I did those instead.

Later, when I was cleaning up my mess, I started to throw the card away, when I realized "You Know, That's Only A Tiny Spot". It was sort of a Linus and Charlie Brown moment, when Linus says' "It's not such a bad little tree!"

So I picked up my black marker and made a few little V shaped swoops for birds, and VOILA! Not such a bad little card!

Waterfront with a Fixed Flub

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