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More and More

Our new catalog is jam-packed with goodies! If you would like to see a catalog, either make a purchase through me ($50 or more) or stop by the Crow Cottage and take a look! There are so many things you will want.

For me, buying the starter kit was the best way for me to be sure I didn't ever miss out on the great stamps and dies again. Until I did that, every year there were things I wanted that sold out and were gone before I had a chance at them. This catalog is sure to have items like that too. Think about buying the starter kit in January and joining our team. You won't regret it!

Here is one of my favorite sets that will be available soon, just for hosting a party. Mischievous Mice is just adorable! We get a chance to purchase it early, but only demonstrators get to purchase it without hosting a party, or placing a big order. Just one of the many perks we get. Feel free to message me anytime to ask for more information about joining, with no future obligations.

Enjoy this final week before Christmas! It's cold and crispy here now, but no snow.....yet!

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