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Poinsettia Christmas

This year we're having a Poinsettia Christmas because last week I decided not to put up our regular Christmas tree. I've been wanting a new fake tree for years, but every time I went to buy one, I could not find a good one in my price range. I really can't justify spending 2 or 3 THOUSAND dollars on a tree!

If our old one wasn't so nice (at about $100 I might add), I could have bought one several times over. But the replacements I could afford to buy were either not as full, were too tall or not tall enough, or just had too much of the 'fake' look all over them.

But this year I decided enough is enough. I'll never buy a new one if I don't just get rid of the old one. I had hoped one of our kids would give it a good home, but it was too big and bulky for all of them, so I just gave it away. I know it will find a good home somewhere.

It was surprisingly sad for me to part with it. That tree has been with us since our boys were toddlers, so it has seen our whole family grow up. But fully decorated, it really looks like any nice ordinary REAL spruce tree. So I know I'll find something I like next year.

So this year, I am just celebrating with my pretty Salmon and Pink Poinsettia. Maybe it's not as heartwarming, but it will have to do. And the cleanup after Christmas will be a breeze!

In honor of my yuletide Poinsettia, let's look at the Poinsettia Place bundle. This bundle is on the retired list, so you better snatch it up now before it's gone! I think this set may have been the source of my prettiest cards this year.

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