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Share a Milkshake

This is my favorite thing to do....go have ice cream! I don't care if it's a milkshake, a sundae, or an ice cream sandwich. When our kids were growing up, we always took them to ice cream after church. Now, 40 years later, Jeff and I continue the tradition by having ice cream each week at our favorite spot, Braums, right after church.

Celebrate the week with me by making your own milkshake cards. I guarantee you will have a blast concocting your sweet treats. Jeff and I get a 'double dip' each week, and so most of my cards have included a waffle cone with 2 scoops, but this card is the one that turned out the cutest. Check out the newsletter in a couple of weeks to see the directions for all the milkshake cards I made this week.

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