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Stuck on the Honeybee

Wow! We have our warm beautiful weather back again in Springfield, and I have been checking every day to see if there are honeybees in the garden. Are you as excited to see those busy little honey suppliers working as I am? They are a joy to watch. If they could smile, they'd be smiling all the time I think. Of the insect world, I think they have the best job!

The job that makes me smile, is finding ways to incorporate old craft supplies with the new things I have. If you are ever stumped for a new idea, just take out one of your old favorite scraps of paper, or something you previously embossed, and just go with whatever shape it is. If it's not too large of a scrap, you can just create a card around that shape, and suddenly you've made something new and beautiful. AND cleaned up your excess craft stuff a little too.

Here is something that "jumped out" of my scrap box a few days ago.

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