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'Tisn't the Season

Sending Christmas cards to people has been one of my favorite Christmas activities since I was a teenager. The thrill of getting cards in return is what started all of that, but as people have stopped doing that, you might think I've gotten tired of sending them. Well, I haven't.

If anything, it's made me enjoy sending them all the more. I know people like to get them, even if they don't like to SEND them. I may be weird, but it actually makes me enjoy sending them even more to know that I'm not doing it to get those return greetings. I actually just really like making them, and sharing the Christmas joy with others.

Now, I know it's not even October yet, but in the crafting business we have to start making things WAAY ahead of time. If we don't, we end up rushing around at the last minute, not enjoying the experience at all.

So I'm getting things done very early, and thought that you might like a peak at something Christmassy too. The stamp sets and other product links are in the tutorial, which you can find by just clicking the picture.


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