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Uh Oh!

Yesterday I tried to use a die that I had never used before just before going Live and it was disastrous.

About one hour before I went on. I first tried the die and thought I was just using it incorrectly when it kept cutting score lines. Then, after wasting 30 minutes trying to figure it out and watching a video I saw that it was the die, not ME, that was the probelm.

But by then I didn't have time to create the project I was making before actually starting my Facebook Live. If you watch it, you will see what happens when everything goes wrong.

Eventually, the card turned out okay, but after the video I made another card the way the first one was supposed to be in about 15 minutes. It was easy once I discovered that the instructions I had downloaded had one measurement that was incorrect. Usually tutorials are accurate, but we all make mistakes sometimes. It actually made me feel better knowing the expert I'd gotten the tutorial from is not perfect either!

Next week, I am definitely making my project beforehand so I know that won't happen again! So embarrassing! Thank you for sticking with me, even though I am a blunderbuss!

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