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Willow Tree Wisteria

The wisteria down at our local botanical garden is trained over a very large pergola. I think they must have 6 plants, and it blooms really well. I tried to get down there to enjoy the blooms, and I saw them 2 times, but they must have gone pretty quickly.

The wisteria I had back in Richland lasted much longer than that. I think I need to add the variety that lasts longer somewhere to our yard, but I really do not want the work that a wisteria requires. They are fairly labor intensive plants.

So maybe I'll just be happy with these stamped versions. I can make it any color I want, and in fact, I can turn this willow tree into almost any kind of weeping flowering tree that I want, if I have the right blossom.

What I need to do now that it's September, is make an Autumn version of this willow tree. Won't that be nice? Beauty really is God's handwriting. All it takes are eyes to see it.

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