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You're So Kind

Jeff and I have been watching a lot of 'The Honeymooners' lately. I bought a DVD collection before the whole series disappears into the cancel culture's cemetary.

If you know who Jackie Gleason is, you're laughing right now. If you don't, google Ralph Kramden and enjoy.

Another series we watch is an old game show like no other game show ever, called You Bet Your Life. Blissfully, they are available on YouTube. We've watched so many Groucho shows, that we start to repeat his lines without even skipping a beat. For example, when I say to Jeff sarcastically, "You're so kind", he'll answer me, 'but what kind, I don't know'.

It's great being married this long, and being able to chat via punch lines.

All this has nothing to do with my stamp set this week, except that it's called Treasured Kindness. It's a sweet little bonsai set that has been fun for me to use with my old Asian Artistry stamps. Treasured Kindness will inspire you to share kind thoughts to everyone, too.

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